The Chicken

I am so tired of his yelling. He just screamed at me for 10 minutes for not doing ANOTHER job- I just got home from one (side job)- a 9-hour day, no less- and I have my "real" job the whole week- 9 hour days there, too!
And what has he done? NOTHING! He's done NOTHING! He won't do the dishes, laundry, or any cleaning! When I get home, he's laying in bed, watching TV. I've tried to kick him out- so all those people who think they're offering "helpful" comments are just infuriating. It is MY property and MY house, I'm not going to GIVE UP AND LET HIM HAVE IT!!!!!!

I can't get help- I've tried, and those people tell me over & over that I make too much money to get help- I'm trying NOT to become destitute! What the hell is wrong with these people?

He's already told me he's going to get alimony if I divorce him- I can barely pay for him to live here, how am I going to pay for him to live in another house & pay all those bills, too?

Sometimes, I wish I could just die- that seems to be the only way out- But I'm way too chicken!
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

I've spent 10 years trying. It's my property, but I can't get him to leave. I've tried getting assistance, I have a degree & make too much money. I've called the cops- I was literally told "that is a domestic issue; we don't deal with that." I'd have to pay HIM alimony- which would completely bankrupt me within a year. So, it's just cheaper for me to leave things the way they are.<br />
<br />
I do know where 6 different rental properties are that I could move into quickly- but then I'll be bankrupt within the year again- having to pay for him to live in MY house while I've moved out.

dear god, why won't he work? what state do you live in? How long have you been married? surely there must be some way to remove this thorn from your side!