I'm Sooooooo Glad We Had This Time.....

together group.... just to have a laugh or sing a SONG..seems we've just get started and before you know it.....COMES THE TIME TO SAY...

NO, but really I initially started out in this circle/ group to blog & VENT!!

It has helped and paid off to now I have really hit REALITY and come to the realization that...... YES I DO HATE MY HUSBAND NOW MORE THAN EVER!  EVER!

I hate him soooooooo that I am again pursuing getting a DIVORCE. Yes again, he mentally abuse me until I was guilt-ridden in thinking I couldn't make it nor would my kid LOVE ANYMORE!

I am starting my divorce withinthe coming days. And so this group has enlightened me that my prevalent emotion of HATRED, must now be fueled with DETERMINATION to LEAVE.

I gotta move on, if I don't the hatred will self-destruct me.

I am learning to deal with my anger. He tells me I am resentful... To %$#$ with him- who cares!

So rather than me harp on the fact I HATE MY HUSBAND. HATE, HATE HIM.   I think its best to end my rage here & write about other ways of improving myself so I wont be a person FULL OF HATRED.

I am ending the section here, ending this phase of my world. But you can find me at other sites, a tother cirlces, on other groups talking my pain, hurt and love away and how I'm dealing with it!

until  the next  go-round ....KEEP YOUR ANGER in checked,

& SO LONG ( it's a carol burnett closing theme song I ADORE)
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

GOOD LUCK to you. You are brave.

...I'm working on it. Just today I put together a book to inspire me, filled with affirmations, words, pictures, and quote to subliminally BOOST my PMA.<br />
<br />
I figure if I start now, I won't have to spend tooooooo much on at psychiatrist's office and spend some of the divorce $ on me.<br />
<br />
Ocho Rios bound,

Wow...this is impressive. You ARE moving on and realizing that anger and hatred only hurt you and no one else. This rage inside of you is destroying at a molecular level, adding acids and other tension causing microbes, which in turn affect your muscles and so on and so on. And remember, the ******* is the boss of the body, and if it can't come out....you're stuck! LOL You are on the right path....continue.