I Am Always Irritated With My Husband

This is my first time on this site and I am hoping for some good advice. I am currently working on my masters degree and work at the same time. My husband does not go to school he just work. We do not have any kids so it is just us. I have a tight schedule due to work and school and he does not. All I asked is to maintain the yard and clean up after yourself. I told him I am tired of having to go behind a grown "man" to make sure things are done. By the way we have a very small yard. I see him as lazy and nerve wrecking and I just don't know if I can deal with him anymore. I have tolerated a lot of stuff from this guy and I have been thinking about divorce. I also believe that I am beginning to hate him. I don't know Wht to do sometimes looking at him or hearing his voice can irritate me. I would like to explain how it came to this but I have to wait till I get back to my computer, right now I'm typing from my phone.
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Hi I am just curious how are things going for you?

Oh dear! You with an MA while your husband reads at aisn elementary level? Disasterous!

FOCUS on finishing your graduate degree and working on your carreer, even if it means shutting yourself in your room, and making him sleep on the couch.<br />
You will have self respect AND the means to earn a living. Then you can always decide on a divorce.

Thanks for the advice. I will make school first and deal with this problem later. I need to focus on completing my Master Degree.

Coming from someone, like you, who is motivated, laziness is very irritating. Have you clued him into the fact that his laziness can equal divorce? Sometimes, our ambitions, if this is the only problem, can be blinding for us. Try giving him a chore list. It seems childish, but if he's taking advantage of you, it's only fair and he may need the structure. People who are less motivated tend to need help getting going. It would also relieve some of your burden. Hope to hear more from you.

Thanks for the advice. I will try a chore list and let you know the outcome.