Worn Down Mentally With This Arrogant,tantrum Throwing Husband

I think I am now at the lowest i have beenf or years with him.Memorial day weekend has just ended,and every single day its the same story.I have to watch what i say,avoid certain subjects,never have any opinions of my own at all.I feel like I am being totally controlled and worn down.
My husband of 8 years will love nothing better than starting a fight over anything he can.He will yell,scream,foam at the mouth with hatred and crule words,yelling and biting his hands,like a toddler throwing a tantrum,and then demand that I apologise to HIM for his hurt feelings!
I am not allowed to cry during these daily outbursts,and if I do,he ignores all my feelings.He makes me feel like S*%t all the time,so I dont even wanna be in the same room as he is.
He did use to be nice,once,but not for many years now.we went out this weekend,with my teenage son,to relax and enjoy ourselves,but I knew he would use any ecuse to start his tantrums off,and he did.he was in the busy park,yelling,biting his hands,hitting his leg in a temper tantrum,and the reason for all this was?? my son accidentaly left the car door open whilst he got his fishing rod from the trunk.he even yelled at other ppl telling them to keep out of his business.
I am a quiet ,kind and caring person,who always sees the good in ppl,but I am at the lowest ever now,with no self esteem or anything,I feel like moving out,but I cant,as I am not a us citizen,only a lpr holder.
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All i can say is if you have a son in that house with him, then either you need to get the son out, contact some sort of authority, or figure out some way to fix his tantrums and behavior.

its not anger that I feel,more like a total feeling of resignation.I cant become a citizen yet as I still have nearly 2 years to go on my lpr status.Leaving isnt an option yet as I dont have much cash and no where to go.sure i could leave,but to where....i know its never going to get any better,not unless he has a personality transplant,lol.<br />
I left a previously very violent and abusive marriage,and thought at first this husband was better,guess i just cant pick the right guy.I am trying to bide my time and then get away in the end,eventually.I know I was always happier when on my own.

If you are married then you SHOULD be a citizen. why havent you gotten you citizenship? Anyway. If you really have this much trouble with the guy <br />
and have this much anger and anxiety over it. I would say leave. <br />
there has to be somebody you can go stay with. If its this bad and has <br />
been getting worse then > do you really think its going to suddenly <br />
get better? I doubt it. I say get away > at least for a while and after some <br />
time communicate with him buy letter or email and try to work it out <br />
if he is not up for working it out and changing for the better <br />
Divorce him. There is no reason why anybody should go through life <br />
unhappy and miserable with somebody who is tearing them up. <br />
<br />
good luck!!! I hope you find Peace