My Bastard Husband Left Me Cause I'm Terminally I'll

My bastard husband of twenty years just left me today cause he says he can't handle me being sick and dying. Ah, poor baby. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus two years ago and I can not afford the expensive meds so I am dying. My kidneys are failing. My doctor says I need chemo and dialysis but my husbands sucky insurance won't pay. My doctor says I don't have long. My ******* husband just comes home from work today and says "there's no fun or joy here in this house because of your sick ***, I can't do it anymore." I ******* hate that ******* bastard.... Crying.....
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My marine husband left me and our four kids and lied about orders...i was in mental hospital for depression he told me to kill my self already, got robbed twice,sexually assaulted,,and had stage 4 cervical cancer and he didn't believe any of it..he never calls the kids but claims i keep them from him..he has addiction problems and says hes going to leave me after not seeing him 3 years..but the kicker is he begged me to come back then backed out 2 days later on my bday, doesn't pay any of our joint bills...his command loves him hes a great marine horrible person..he posts bad things about me on facebook, and has a guy saying he loves him ec...hell and back..i'm sorry hun..we go through a lot and these military guys are not stable in the mind...and evil(some) look at who loves you..I have no 2 kids lied about me for a i have a record..they don't feel abandoned me and him...I have god thats it

Hugs honey

Oh! Im crying... He is a sorry M*********. please enjoy the time you are here make your peace. Wow! he isnt there when you need him the most. But forgive him he is weak.

He is a SORRY sore-*** loser! Girl just make your life right with God and enjoy all your given days!

that's freaking hardcore..and really.. honestly, there isn't a damn thing that any one here is gonna tell you that's gonna make you feel better..except that if you have a bucket list now's the time to pull it out.. and if you dont have one ..make one..asap!!! to hell with that *****..don't waste another minute thinking about that douche bag..he will get his own time!!!

I am sorry you are going through this. Look into alternative medicine. YOur issue plus supplements on a search. MMS? I am sorry for your tears. I hate my husband, too.