I Wish My Husband Dead For So Many Years, It Is Not Even Funny

I was stuck in this so-called marriage for 29 years with the narcissist. He could be charming sometimes, but that is how the narcissists operate, I've learnt recently. He is a heavy smoker and I've never smocked. Yet , it was me getting through breast cancer, I am a survivor . I wish he will go through all the severe treatments, and drops dead right there after the very first round of chemo - would be so NICE! I want him out of my sight so bad. All these talks on TV and anti-smoking campaigns are a joke, healthy people usually affected by Cancer, and nasty smoker of a husband of mine is doing fine. Divorce is not an answer, all the "justice system" is there to take everything to ruin financially along with emotional torture. The death, the accident my ONLY hope to set me FREE! The best outcome for all of us emotionally and mentally and sometimes physically abused wives is to become the respected widow. I would celebrate every second of my living with the greatest happiness and gratitude, I would praise every GOD of every damn religion, and say millions of prayers if only this one wish would come true hopefully SOON! ASAP in fact!
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3 Responses Jun 15, 2012

I feel like this. If he was dead....I would appreciate every moment of life for the rest of my living days. I don't understand why people so cruel can't be punished.

I hope you find some happiness in your life soon.

Sounds like you need some "inheritance powder". Wouldn't it be something if you could get away with that as easily as countless women have in the past? Even now, it is rarely detected.