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I Hate Him With A Passion!!!!!!!!!

I hate him. He has destroyed any love I had for him.Is it normal that a person be so angry and unhappy in a relationship?I have been with a man for 10 years who at one point I could not live without his very presence was all I ever wanted to complete my day.Now he is what makes me miserable.I am angry all the time I hate the thought of going home. I am so sick of everything being my fault! I can't stand him and want to go right this instant! Now I'm responsible for his crappy relationship with his family which was crappy to begin with! He never really spoke to any of them, and if he did they didn’t care or really listen to what he had to say. Only would call on him when they needed something for their benefit. Pick up a with travels. What a loser!CUT THE CORD!! YOU”RE MARRIED!! WHO CARES ABOUT THEM?? Clearly he does!!! He fails to understand that they are his past!! He should just move back in with them if he really just wants to play house his whole life. Now I'm responsible for his moods. When we get in an argument about his family, he falls asleep while I cry. He doesnt even bother being there for me, even pretending would be nice. I hate my husband!
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You sound angry and you're letting that control your moods. I'm also getting a sense that you might be letting off steam here and you aren't serious about hating him. <br />
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You control your feelings, he can only try to upset you, but you don't have to let him get to you that way. You are in charge of how you let anyone make you feel, and you don't need to let things get you down.<br />
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His family isn't his past, they are still his family and he shouldn't have to give up on them for you, but you should come first. It shouldn't matter to you what his relationship with them is or was, you can't change anything there, they will always be his family. He should be *allowed* to feel free to have his relationship with them. Don't try to interfere because you will never win and he will be miserable. Plus, it isn't fair to him or his family and you will be miserable.<br />
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You say that you're responsible for his moods, but unless you are deliberatly trying to sabatoge his life, you know that you are not responsible for them, so why do you let yourself feel that way? If he's telling you that you are at fault for his family issues, then find out what the real issues are and ask yourself if you have helped or hindered that relationship. There will be your answer. Don't try to manipulate his family relationship so that it doesn't exist, because it does. Work on your relationship with him because that is what you hold the power to change for the better! <br />
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If you truly want your marriage to work, then see a counselor - with or without him, but just make an appointment and go! You need professional advice. In the meantime, begin to live your life and do not let him manipulate you, nor you, him! Just do what is right. <br />
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Best of luck to you both!