2nd Time Around A Mistake

Maybe Im not good at this marriage thing, or maybe because my first husband and my second husband share the same first name...lol
I so dislike my husband, he is mean to my daughter (by first husband), he tells us to f off and that he wants her to go live with her dad. He has called me ****, b*^&^, fat ***, worthless, and right after that he begs me to sleep with him. When i tell him NO! and how can he have the gall to ask me after the name calling, he says he has to get something out of me. I feel like im constantly in a war zone with him! He has talked terrible about me to others and made it sound as if he is a victim. Im looking for a job and getting my stuff in order to leave him. its not comming soon enough. Feels good to vent to people who know what Im going through
kat2923 kat2923
1 Response Jun 22, 2012

I too am convinced the second time was a mistake. What was I thinking. Stay strong and know in yourself you did not make a bad choice you just believed in what your heart was telling you. I am getting out and you can too. We are worth being around and loved.