Husband Being Kicked Out

i've finally chosen the right day to kick this bastard out of my house. september 17th he has a bike show to go too, and he is going to be gone all day. that will give me time enough to pack up all of his **** and toss it outside. when he comes home he is going to find all the locks changed and the police will also be notified that he is being kicked out. i can't take none of this anymore, i've been working up to this point and it is finally here. i see that i can actually take care of things on my own now. i don't need this jerk any longer.

and he has also been talking with another woman and she has sent pics of herself back and forth to him. he has told her that i am okay with it, and has permission to do this. what???? no woman would ever tell her husband sure go ahead and talk all sexual and look at her naked pictures. i'm fine with it. i confronted him about it, heck we are still married.

he acted like i was the one that was being crazy. he feels like it is no big deal with what he is doing. and was getting all upset at me for being upset. i know he is an *******, and all the things he has done to me lately is bad. but i am so pissed that he wants to talk with this woman and even telling her that i want to join in on the things that they are talking about.

i don't want anything to do with it. it hurts me deeply that no matter what i do for this man, i'm still not enough for him. screw it, maybe he can find his way to this woman's house and they can live happily ever after, if she can stand him for one day.

i can't wait to get this jerk out of my house so i can finally be happy. and maybe way in the future find someone that will treat me with the respect and love that i need and deserve. i just can't take this anymore. come on 17th hurry up and get here!!!!! can't do it any other day cause he is always here.
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I hope what you're doing is totally legal and nothing will come back to bite you. Good luck

yes it is legal for me to kick him out. as his name is not on the title to the home (if it was i couldn't kick him out). and the police is going to be called also. i've done a lot of research for my area.

Then congrats. Its nice to hear that someone is moving forward. You deserve to be treated with affection civility and respect

thank you!