I'm So Over Him...

So my husband and I have been married a year and half and it feels like an eternity...It's to the point that I can't stand the thought of him even touching me. I go to work and I come home every day to cook, clean and laundry. He rarely ever helps and the only thing he ever talks about or wants is sex. It's like he doesn't even see what's happening here... Lately, he's been so verbally abusive towards me that the thought of harming him has crossed my mind... Ughhh it wasn't always like this but I'm convinced that we got married way too fast... How I regret that decision everyday.

I'm going through through a nasty custody batttle with my ex-husband right now so leaving my current husband would make things more difficult right now... I feel so trapped and angry all the time..I feel like there is no end to the hell I'm living in...

He constantly is snooping in my cell phones, e-mails, Facebook and he even has a camera watching me at home when he's not there... It creepy how he is...He thinks it's alright to do those things and he's constantly calling me when I am at work wanting to know where I am( Im in outside sale). He was tracking me with some iphone app that I turned off after finding out... He's always checking our phone bill to check who I'm texting and calling... I've never been with anyone so insecure and with such obssessive unstable behavior... I'm so embarrassed of him and my situation, I can't even tell my family the hell I'm living in... The one good thing is that he is no longer sleeping in our bedroom anymore... I finally through his *** out!

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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

So sorry you are in this. I do not like the sounds of this behavior at all. This is abusive and controlling. Nothing about his behavior is normal. Do not be afraid to confide in someone that you trust they can be a huge help in this. Can you afford to leave at this time? If you make enough to take care of yourself, then you might want to think of seperating or leaving for good. I lived through this for 6 years until I found the strength to fight back. I realized that men like this are scared little boys that are insecure so they try to control you by belittling or intimidating you. I am in the process of leaving myself. I should have never become dependent on him financially so you are smart to keep working. I hope you find the inner strength to find the right answer for your life. So far we only get one life and I would hate to waste it on a broken person who causes me misery.

uh oh! sounds about like what i am dealing with. i am sorry you have to go through all this. he sounds very unstable and controlling. hope that he doesn't find this site, cause if he does i am scared what he might say or do to you. i have to hide this site from my husband cause he will lose it on me. i wonder how your husband would feel if you start doing the same thing back to him? call him every few mins, check his accounts, phone bills etc. i bet he wouldn't like it one bit. don't understand what is wrong with men. they think it is fine for them to do what ever they want, but it's a different story for their wives. and men wonder why women don't like them...i hope things get better for you.