I Don't Care Anymore

this saturday everything changes. can't wait for it to happen. and to see the reaction on my husband face when he comes home and finds all his stuff outside and he can't get into the house. don't know if i should have the police here waiting or just call them after he gets home. i know that when he leaves saturday morning i'm going to call the police and let them know that my husband is being kicked out of the house by me, and that things might get really bad.

and me knowing for a fact that he stayed up all night talking with his new friend online (who happens to be a girl) doesn't bother me anymore. of course he was talking about sex with her and about everything he wanted to do to her and also she was sending him pics. and it doesn't hurt me anymore. i wash my hands of this foul man. and i'm sure he will find his way to this woman, i just wish i could see her face when they do meet and actually see the true man he is. i'm sure she will not last long with him at all. i give it a few hours.

he wont find another girl like me (hopefully) that will stick with him as long being foolish enough to believe he was going to change. i am going to post the conversations that he has had with this woman, it will be later on today or tonight. i will blur out her name but not my husbands. cause i want all the women that read that post to know his name and to stay away from this pig! he is nothing but a perverted monster. thinking he is god's gift to all women. oh and if he thinks you are a virgin, or not experienced enough with men, then he will go after these women even more. don't fall for him, don't be like me. report the bastard if he contacts you! i'll get the conversations posted later on. right now got to go, he is going to be getting up soon. from his almost all day sleep. write more later
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I am so happy you will be free of this monster. No one deserves to be treated this way. I agree with aradia11, you should have the police there with you. Keep going and never look back. He is not worth your time ans should not waste not a minute more of it. Stay strong, you are doing the right thing.

I would have his sh$t put in front of the other girls house with a note you can now reside at the following address...although that would be fun it would reek havoc. <br />
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Please do have the police on hand WHEN he gets home for if he should cause any problems they will be there to help you. (I am sure you'll at least get the help)) I hope the house is in your name. <br />
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(years ago I LEFT A HORRID CREATURE....And I had to have the cops meet me at the door to just take my essential stuff! I left so much behind precisous things too it sucked. <br />
oh yes and the bastard went out and pulled my spark plugs in my truck while I was with the police getting my things. I had to have the truck towed to the dealer ***@HOLE!!!! <br />
HE WAS...........I understand these circumstances all too well....<br />
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