Story Of My Life

Adding to my previous rants...

Where do I start about this lovey man of mine? He is out in the living room looking at trips so he can take me somewhere for my birthday, which is today. Sweet, right? Guess what, he has looked at so many trips and how many have we taken? 0. The three birthdays I have spent with him, he has done nothing for me. Last year he said he was gonna take me salsa dancing and I am still waiting...And I don't know how he can even think to afford anything, since his last paycheck was 400 dollars!!! Because he missed a entire week of work. He usually calls in once or twice a week but this time was a whole week. Even though I told him since I am going back to school and working part time, he is gonna have to go to work regularly. And even though I am only working part time, he expects me to pay everything in half. Yesterday when I was coming back from school, I was about to put my key in the door when I heard him talking to his parents on skype. I really didn't feel like talking to them, so I stood outside. He was telling them about how he is refinishing this dining table he picked up from the side of the street (and made me sell our old one, which was way nicer) and he was telling his dad how I was complaining about that he spent almost the same amount we had gotten. So, we had sold our old table for only 200 dollars and he spent like almost 150 dollars on stuff for this crappy table. So he was mocking me and saying that he only spend 30 dollars on everything and his dad was like "she is not very good at math, is she?" It made me soooo mad, who talks about their wife like that? And when I finally walked in the door, he is like "hey babe". He is two faced just like his parents. His mom talks so much crap about him to me but never to him. And because I say it to his face, I am the mean one. So he asked me where I wanted to go on a trip and I told him, nowhere and the only thing I wanted from him is to leave me the hell alone. So as usual, he makes it all about him. He posts on facebook how he loves me and he is such an ******* and all these people are like no you are not. And he already called his parents and his sister about that, who knows what he told them now. He went outside to talk to them so I am guessing it had something to do with how I am so mean to him. I hate him so much and it's so depressing that another year went by and I'm still with him.
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To be honest, i think whatever he does it gets on your nerves because you have grown to hate him. I mean he is a bit late, but he also has feelings and in his eyes after making an effort however pitiful it may be, telling him you want him to leave you the hell alone... Well telling someone you d rather be alone on your birthday than with them is harsh, coming from your wife... Maybe he actually feels like a loser and has had his feelings hurt. Seems to me like both of You dont like talking about what bugs each other, but rather talk to others what you shoudl be discussing together. Like you venting here and him to his parents...

Of course im probably wrong and he is just an a$$