He Sickens Me To My Core

I hate him. I am repulsed by him. It is hard to believe that this man was my best friend for 15 years. The last three years have been absolute hell. Six weeks ago he came home from work accusing me of allowing someone to sit in and damage one of the dining table chairs. By the way he has severe Ocd. He told me to go to a neighbors house and borrow a screw so that he could fix it. I went across the street to ask my friend if she had a screw but she wasn't at home. She was next door at another neighbors house and they invited me inside. I explained the situation and they offered me a glass of wine which I readily accepted. After the wine we progressed to rum and coke. Soon enough I had forgotten all about the screw, the chair, and him because I was heavily intoxicated. My neighbor went with me back to my house so that I could grab something and there he was with his awful cursing and never ending put downs. I don't remember this happening but apparently I calmly took off my button down shirt and laid it across the back of a chair. I then promptly punched him square in the nose which caused an awful nosebleed and a black eye. : ) Shortly after that I was arrested and charged with family violence. He left me in jail for 6 days as punishment and then used my own money to get me out. I have hired an attorney and will go to court on Oct. 15. From now until then I have been recording all of his offensive rants and physical assaults on me. I don't care what my sentence is I just want it to be made public record what kind of sick individual he is. Wish me luck!!! : )
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Sorry if this seems out of line but, Sexy women that can fight are freaking hot as hell! I'm sorry you had to go through the bullshit and all, Trust me I see your point on the " best friend for 15 years" thing >.< I have a bit of an issue with that one myself in my marriage. However watching you knock the **** out of your old man would have been the best thing I had seen all month!! Good for you! I wish you all the best and I hope you get no more than a slap on the wrist for his busted nose HA!

Wow, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I unfortunately went through this same thing far as the jail thing. Basically, before the incident back on 2006, I had been suffering from verbal abuse from my spouse for 6 years at that point. On that day my husband busted the door open and screamed at me about an argument the night before. I screamed back at him to defend myself and then the altercation got physical. He pushed me into the door jamb and I started swinging. I am 5 "2", 145 lbs at the time and he is 6 "4", 255 at the time, so imagine that one. I was punching, slapping, and scratching. He pinned me down, choked me and head butted me. At one point the fighting stopped and then he picked up the phone and called the police screaming like someone was killing him, no lie, they had it on the 911 tape. Cops came, he was singing like a bird about what was done to him and never mentioned what was done to me. I asked for a lawyer when talking to the cops and kept my mouth shut like I was taught to do, but stupid me, I did not realize what a mistake that was. We are an interacial couple, I am black, he is white, so obviously to say, I showed no bruising at the time (the next day in the emergency room, my neck was severely bruised). I was arrested. Lost my internship. Went to court, paid the fines, the lawyer, never got to start my career I worked so hard to achieve by going back to college.

Due to the fact that plea bargaining is the name of the game these days, I listened to my attorney and just went with the program. The point to my TMI and rant is this, it is really sad that verbal abuse is not recognized as assault just like physical assault. It is an injury to the psyche and the brain. It can make u physically ill. It can destroy you and can even kill you. I had no prior incidents like this, no record, etc. so this was extremely out of character for me. I am sure you had been pushed to the very edge or just plain over the cliff. I am sure this is not where you wanted this to go. I am just so sorry things had to get to this point for you. I think it is messed up that he assaulted you with words and you clocked him for it, but yet you were the one arrested.

I wish you well in dealing with this whole court system. I would advise anyone in the future to think really hard before you involve the law into your marital disputes. I think we all agree that things should not become physical, it not our proudest moments and I bet there are more incidents like this than anyone would like to admit. Instead of involving the law, it is best to seperate, cool off, or just go your seperate ways for good. Better than involving the law, the attorneys, and all the money involved to fight the case. Not to mention destroying the marriage, the trust, or the person.

Sorry about the long reply. If you have any questions or if there is any way I can help, feel free to ask me.

Good for you! I hope you have a good support group. Despite what happens in court its time to take a stand. You deserve happiness with someone that has respect & self control.