Keep It Up Now, One Day Though....

Ok so this is me ranting about the bad in my relationship. I suppose this is subject to advice, comments, etc. but please keep in mind I am here to rant and hopefully be understood.

Some of my background...I have been married for about four years now and am somewhat financially dependent on this A-hole. Now this guy I am currently married to is a bit of a selfish jerk and has these ridiculous tantrums where he tends to throw things across the room. He does this when he's pretty pissed by something I might say or do, at least that's what he tells me. I believe it's a build up of stress and me copping an attitude is that last straw and it all comes out in a childish way. Whatever the story, this behavior is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary! The worst part about it is the stupid jerk leaves the mess and usually locks himself up in the room! I mean seriously wtf dude. The least you could do, besides not making the mess AT ALL, is Clean It Up!!! IDK why he has chosen to react that way, but he does and it's something I no longer want to put up, not that I ever did but I always had this stupid idea that things might change. After all it's only been four years but God these years are dragging. I am running out of things to do and this last time his excuse was that he was sick in bed and I was intentionally trying to pick a fight with him. Ummm yeah! How the hell can you get up to get some food but you can't get up and get the door for me when it's pouring outside? Or how can you go drive to the doctor's then to the pharmacy but you can't drive to go pick up your child? Not to mention that you got up and managed to break shi* while being so sick that you couldn't unscrew a bottle top??? Grow a pair and get over it, think of all the crap you put me through during my period when i'm bloated and having back pain and cramps! Or think about the day when came back from me having had a C-section and you wanted me to clean and pick up the room when it hurt to just even laugh.
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Call his mother and tell her. If he wants to act like a baby, maybe he still needs her to raise him.

Don't EVER pick up the stuff he breaks again. If you do- you're buying into his crap. Also- If you're sick- do what he does. Lay in bed and be helpless till you need a bottle of booze or whatever- only get up if he refuses to get it for you and give him a taste of his own medicine- but keep the booze under your pillow and dont share it.