Stuck On An Island With A Husband I Can No Longer Stand.

I have been married for a little over 2 years. The past year and a half I have no longer wanted to be with my husband. It. Is to the point that I cannot stand to look at him or even listen to him. Even a "good morning" from him is enough to ruin a day. We lived apart for the past 6 months due to certain circumstances and have just moved in back together in the past week. I moved across the pacific ocean to be with THIS?! Are you ******* kidding me? Clothes all over the floor (which I told him to pick up this morning yet looked at me and walked away. Talk about a big **** YOU WELCOME HOME), within 45 minutes of walking around our floors I had to wash my feet because they were completely black with filth, our refrigerator had rotting food and an exploded can of monster in the freezer, the shoes I left with him... gone.. Doesn't give a **** about my stuff. He claims to miss being a father and he hasn't even woken up a single morning to get her ready, feed her breakfast, or change her diaper and this morning I ask him to I get a huge ******* ***** of an attitude. He has managed to wake up at the same time everyday the past week to play video games but couldn't wake up at that same time to spend the day with his wife and daughter that he hasn't been with in 6 months? I asked for a separation when we lived apart because I was happier that way. This past week of living together again has truly shown me that I hate my husband.
Scratchcake4 Scratchcake4
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

He's an infant- do you really need 2? Dump the moron and if you really want him to grow up you might leave the baby with him. Oh I know I will get the s*** for that...