I can feel the tantrum in the air. He is going to subject my kids to his cruel behavior because he is mad that I (the employed) wont support his ( the lazy unemployed one) smoking habit. He has not even tried to get a job. It's a year this month he has lived off me. I made a decision that I will only do the things I can and his needs don't fit into that equation. I Asked him to leave and he said nope i do t have to my name is on the lease. So lease is up in Febraury,And im out of this mess! hope he can find somekne else to support his lazy ungrateful ***! Wish me luck everyone because its going to be a long night!
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Oh my, have I been in your shoes. It seemed an impossible situation to get out of at one point in time, but here I am 3 1/2 years removed from the situation. Good luck to you. It's not easy, but definitely not impossible.

Wow, well my dear, I hope that you have figured it out by now/ He is definitely not father or husband material. Maybe one day he will grow up and recognize that he has to take care of himself, instead of having someone take care of him.

I don't get guys that wanna live off of their ladies?!?!?!?!

Yes, sadly I have. Such a shame for him and for my son.

If you would like to talk about it more, I have some pretty good ideas to help you become the woman you would love to be and find the man that you would love to love and cherish. Its not about me, but about helping you get the life back that you dreamed about.
thank you for listening

<p>Thank god you have a way out! </p><p>you might want to hide some of your valuables, from my experience, my x went philtering through my stuff to see what he could get his hands on,</p><p>Thank god i saw the writing on the wall long before he and I broke up, I rented a storage unit to place my valuable's in there. and I stashed money away there too, so that there would be no paper trail!</p>

i don't believe his name being on the lease has anything to do with ordering him off premises. the landlord will likely transfer the lease to you, especially if you prove you're the one paying the rent? good luck ... he's being a controlling jerk, but not a good one.

Before he was out of work how would you say things were going?

Not great but workable. Was I happy, no not by a long shot. But I could live with it.

Nevermind - I read the rest of your posts. If he's abusive then get away from him and keep him away from you and your little one!

Have you proceeded with leaving the bum? I hope all works out for you and you have a means enough to support your children and yourself. I hate to say but after a divorce and child support settlement etc...this DEADBEAT *** will do everything to dodge the bullet.
Hope your doing ok now..

I am doing really good these days!!! And to wander your question..,yes I have left the bum! It was a rough couple of months to get here but I made it. Thank you for your kind words and support! Life is getting better every day.

glad to hear it best of luck..

Good luck to you! Where are you?

Thank you, I'm in California

Thank you for support! I finally left in early February. And as it often does in these situations, it got really ugly and I ended up having to get a restraining order. It was the hardest and best thing I ever had to do. He learned a hard lesson and now things are better. We now are able to work together to raise our son and not be together. Things are good! Thank you for your support.

Thank you for the kind words and support!

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i feel for you for the first 3 years of our marriage my husband would not work. he would not even clean up the house or help with the kids. then finally my brother in law gave him a job i told him he had to take it or else. he took it it lasted off and on for about a year. i actually quit my good paying full time job to basically insist that he work. and i wanted to spend time with the kids. i was not going to work full time and take care of the home and kids. now he is barely working 25 hours a week minimum wage and me, well i am going to school so i can finish my degree i am taking 6 classes, working 20 hours a week and taking care of kids and home. it is like pulling teeth to get him to do anything besides his computer and video games. come on your not a teenager, that shipped sailed 10 years ago. yes i hate my husband very much. when i suggest he pick up more hours he complains and whines.

I hope your life with the hubby is improving. I learned that we can either except them for who they are since we can't change them or we need to make a different decision. I chose to make a different decision after almost 6 years of doing my best to except it. I don't want to raise my husband , and honestly that's what it felt like for me. The burden has been lifted! Good luck as I hope your story turns out better.

Omg that is exactly what I\'m dealing with, my guy is in his early 60s his best buddies are the TV and computer. he has an on going cyber sexual affair with some stupid broad he baited!
then off to bed just to wake up to cyber again! don\'t men ever grow up??
I have a exit plan ! I\'m just not out the door yet! uggg

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Here is a song for you........when someone is dragging you down.

YOU TUBE.....broken wing martina mcbride

add me please thank you

You are such a strong woman. Keep it up! You deserve way better than that

Keep strong and keep moving on. Keep yourself safe most importantly. Cheers to ya .....

Good for you!! Glad to see your not leting him use u like a doormat!!