Omg Hate Does Not Even Begin To Describe

Yes, I wrote in all caps, I was yelling internally. I have been with my husband/problem/headache for seventeen years. I am only 41 and he is making me literally sick. We do not like eachother at all. We have kids though. The youngest is 12, our son is 16 and neither respect me because of the way he treats me. I have recently been diagnosed with a progressive and incurable disease, I have low marrow counts, etc..etc... I can barely get out of bed. Once, I was stunning. I was so beautiful, now, I am lucky to comb my hair for work.
He spends our money on alcohol, cigarettes, things for himself. But me, no way, I need simple things like juice, fruit and vegetables to try to keep up my strength, I am still working to help support my family. He neglects those things. I wish a million times, I would have left when I first realized that I hated him. He is rude, callous, a liar and downright mean. He lies for nothing at all. I was recently in the hospital, I asked him if he told family that I was there, he said he did but I just found out that he did not. He snored in the hospital my entire stay. He is a miserable person. We have nothing in common and he is very mean to me. I want to leave, but now I feel it is too late, I am doomed I feel, I can barely get out of bed much less leave this jerk. A word to the wise, dont wait...get out now while you can. He wrecked my 2011 buick, did not pay insurance, lied and said he did, so then he sold it for junk...JUNK a 28 thousand dollar car???? He complains about ingrown toenails and wont go to the he takes my medicines for pain and I look like a nut when I am all out of them. I hide them in my purse and other places but he finds them. He will not buy things I need to eat, I can not eat beef or processed meats, but he buys them and cooks them. Meanwhile I am hungry. Lord, why did I do this I ask myself? I pray to recover from this illness and get the hell away from him. How can someone be so cruel? How can this happen to me? I am a good kind and caring person, I would do anything for my family. I walked two days after I was out of the hospital so I could get a loan from my taxes, he took all of the money and now we have nothing. I just cant do this any more. HELP???
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Its never to late!

You need to leave him. He dosent respect or care for you. Get him out of you life if he dosent provide and you do then you don't need him! You are Ill and need help and won't get it from him!