I love my husband and have been trying.

The third day of my marriage he told me he made a mistake. Every since then the love has been pretty dead. There are times he says he loves me (only when having sex) but he has no respect for me and I honestly believe he would've never married me.

He doesn't support me financially

He doesn't really take care of me. He thinks about himself and made me miss an appointment that was urgent because it was inconveinent.

I don't get a say in hardly anything.

He makes me feel terrible about myself.

Somebody please help me! :-(
adisrespectedwife adisrespectedwife
5 Responses Nov 26, 2012


dear, my husband is same type. what all he wants is to take care of him. have u got ur family near you? go tell them u might get some emotional support and good advice.

At least you get to hear the words I love you :(

Leave him. I think you made a mistake by marrying someone who treats you that way. He will realize that the mistake he made was being such a jerk to someone who gave him love he doesn't deserve.

Honey it sounds like you need to get out of this marriage. My mother told me along time ago that you can't make somebody love you if they dont. If he loved you he would always put you first in his life. Don't waste your time on this man because it will only be heartaches and misery. He's not your guy so dont spend your valuable time on somebody who isn't deserving of it. There is somebody out there for you so stop wasting time with this guy and let Mr Right find you. You deserve to be happy.