I'm having a hard time dealing with the feelings of what "Ifs" what if i'm single for ever, what if i get sick, what if my car breaks down, What if i lose my job, what if what if my head hurts from all the what if's. the pain is so raw and i'm not sure how to channel this pain.
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Hun.. Life is full of heartache and headache.. Let me tell you the 'what ifs' will drive you insane when separated u just gotta do.. You have to take life as it comes you know when my ex n I separated I had no money no where to go n my car was broken before I left... I ended up two years later with a new man who is 1000% better , a new car and I finished school and got a good job. You have to just ignore the what ifs and just live .. The pain will subside ..and it's only temporary ..pain is never ment to last forever and yours won't last.. Keep your head yup ..fill your life with positivity

You cannot channel the pain. Removing the source is the only way but we know that. Can you imagine when you find a guy who doesnt treat you like crap. you will appreciate it so much. i dream of those days. they cannot happen until i make that break from him.

I understand I saw a good friend go thru the same thing. It was a struggle but she slowly got though it and did meet someone else and she is happier than ever. Wish you the best:)

im so sorry you are going thru this i have the same fears just be strong we will make it thru

i know its just so hard I feel like i hear his voice and I will do anything to be with him but in my head its saying STAY away....He has made it perfectly clear he is done, but every time he calls i start to think that maybe we could be....I hate this