My Husband Is A Huge Idiot

For some reason, I still can't believe my husband is so very stupid. He's the biggest idiot in the world. My kids are sitting by the window waiting for him to visit them, but I know he's not showing up because it's already going to be nine pm. We can't even live together because of his drug addiction, so he lives with his grammdma. I even left him the house I had got before we got married. But he messed that up and lost the house. I had to leave because the kids and I came home to him all drunk, doing coke, with poop everywhere from pooping on himself. I wonder if any other wife has ever had to clean up their husbands poop because he pooped himself. How could a man be so pathetic? Then he has the nerve to call me and my kids names when he's the fat one. Oh well, he's supposed to go to jail soon for yet another DUI. I so need to just divorce him.
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4 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Reading your predicament makes me realize mine isn't so bad. I feel sorry for your situation and hope you find some peace.

do your self and kids a favor and get far far from him. best of luck doll

I know how you feel girl.... If he says he is going to visit then don't tell the kids. I would rather them be surprised when he shows then dissapointed when he doesnt....

I think you have indeed put up with his sh!t enough.

Lol yup. Enough of his s***!!!