Annoying Husband

I really am beginning to hate my husband he really fxxxxxx ****** me off.. It's be over a year sinces we've been married he cheated on me a number of times was going out with another girl also chatting and flirting with girls on Facebook!! And I caught him out every time. Basically we've been through alot. He stopped all the cheating well I hope so. He's also lied to me alot n is the worlds biggest liar. We seem to argue all the time n he really ****** me off and seems like he's trying to control me. Wish I could get out but it's not so easy don't think I could ever live without him. Feel like crying wish he would changes his ways..
Angel246 Angel246
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Why do you think you couldn't live without him? It's never good to be dependent on someone, especially someone who treats you so horribly. Have you tried counseling? It sounds like you need to work on your self-esteem and dependence issues. Just remember, you can ALWAYS leave if you're unhappy. I wish you the best.

youngambitions is right you don't need someone you can't trust....he is NOT going to be the man you want him to be he will NOT change unless HE wants to...maybe a more suited person would be in your favor..good luck doll