Tired Of Being Put Down

My husband is a racist *****. His double standards are ridiculous as well. He cheated on me with a prostitute amongst other things and we ended up separating and i messed around with a black guy and now thats what he throws in my face constantly. I am nothing but a ***** who likes N word and i probably have a disease then when i say if i do i got it from you. He acts like that's impossible like prostitutes are as clean as a whistle. I'm tired of the physical abuse but even more tired of the emotional abuse.
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Girl you should get checked and then leave him...

I know just how you feel, mu husband is a piece of sh*t for lack of a better word. he has messed around my back since the day we met. And I can honestly tell you it is not worth it when you can do so much better and actually be happy with someone else

Your young honey bail out of this,,,,,,,you got your life ahead of you.....balance yourself
and eventually find a better man .....

Im planning on it just have to wait til kids get out of school , i dont want them to be unstable right now. I know they are not in the best environment right now but i dont bother to argue with my husband anymore, trying to make it not so uncomfortable for them

I hope you get better.

I'm sorry I don't have a lot to say ma'am

I'm going to bed now. I don't believe in double standards anyway and if I could...if I was ur age, I'd probably go straight for you

Well thanks, just need a secret place to vent, because around here women should be seen not heard.