I Hate My Husband!

I don't understand how this man can be so ignorant! He had the nerve to say that I don't make enough money, and how his work is so much more superior than mine. Oh, so sorry that someone has to stay here to watch the kids, you a@@ hole! Oh, and did I mention, that there are NO job opportunities out here that offer the hours I can work, other than the part time job I have working as a cocktail waitress, you butt fu@@er!
Doesn't he understand that women work harder and don't get noticed for all the hard work they do? We work our tails off and feel the endless pressure to excel in a world that doesn't seem to give two cents about all our hard work and effort that goes towards others. Why do we have to be the ones who do nearly everything? For instance, we clean the clothes and fold them. We wash the dishes every day and night....we wash the floors and dust all the electronic equipment...we even get down on our hands and knees to make certian the floors are officially clean! Come on here! The list goes on and on too...it's just all the "little" things that seem to add up, isn't it?
He intentionally tries to make me feel like less of a person just because he has a better paying job than me. Also, he doesn't even work hard either...what a loser. Seriously, I don't know what the heck is damn problem is. He acts like he should get all the praise in the world for such trivial things. He even spends time with his work pals during work eating out!!! And God forbid I hang out with my work friends, and it wouldn't even be during work either, at least after work for damn sakes!!!
I tried so hard to not cry last night during our argument, but I couldn't hold back in the tears any longer because I know deep down inside, that he is so blinded by ignorance that he couldn't even comprehend what I was conveying to him then. So, how can he even begin to understand what I was trying to say to him that night? He has officially made my shi@ list!
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Today and right Now i feel the same, exactly same. I hate him. The bible says marriage is impossible, but made possible with God. So in a difficult situation I just refrain from argument, coz its if no use. It's tough a big test of patience, of ur trust in God. Frm today on just mk up ur mind NO ARGUMENTS. Pray for ur hubby. It will wrk wonders.