Okay here it goes, through my years of experience with guys which isnt many, i have been married twice and had plenty of boyfriends to know they were all created with this one dominant gene called stupidity. When all of us women realize that we will be better off. You cant make him love you and neither can God but thats okay, all that means is hes not the one for you. I truly have sympathy for women who are in a miserable marriage because their husbands are emotionally and physically abusive, womanizers, and cheaters as well as liars. My husband is all of those and then some, but im not going to feel sorry for myself. I can easily move on and be happy with someone else and even by myself but no matter what he will always be the same miserable jerk and i just feel sorry for the next girl he snags up. Im a great person i know i am, but when im around him i just feel drained and brought down. I have 4 beautiful babies, one passed away last year and during my time of grief my husband barely put his arms around me but was so quick to get sympathy from other women, now how low is that. I have handled every dark moment in my life on my own and one day i wont have have to i will find a guy that will lift the weight i have been carrying on my shoulders off, and as long as im here being miserable that isnt going to happen.
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I'm sorry you lost your son, I lost 2 pregnancies. It's been tough. I don't think I've dealt with the losses completely. Now I'm just so miserable in my marriage, I really think I hate him. To heal I think I need to get out of this marriage. I just don't quite know how yet. I wish you the best of luck with everything!

Good post. I'm happy for you that you are ready to move on. Please keep us updated maybe you'll motivate others to move on!