Am So Upset

we met when we were kids and he found me 30 years later and told me he has loved me since the very first day he ever saw me. We had a long distance relationship sharing our lives hopes and dreams. He moves accross the country at his own choice and in truth i have tried everything i can to love and care for him but i just cant do it. He will not leave and does not care that i do not feel has he does. The more i am with him the more i hate him. I am disgusted just looking at him at this point. I resent that he is not the man he made himself out to be. He is an obsessed I am a nice person and cannot hide the contempt . The home is mine and he absolutely will not leave. I do not treat people badly as it really is not my nature but this is horrible i hate every moment he is around. I hate going home nowing he will be there. I hate that i was so stupid and didnt figure this out before it became to late.
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Dec 5, 2012