Hate Him!

U will all think I am a lazy women ,,but I was always obsessed cleaning .until I met my husband .I got married 6 months ago! Ive known him only for one year.but I was so sure he is the one.nice,smiling allthe time,always careful with my needs,swear to always make me happy.and most of all a good heart.we got married and things changed!! We leave in his parents house while they are in a holiday back in they country for 3 months.and I do not have a job because be need to sent my papers, to work legally in this country! He never did it.but anyway ..he's always saing that he hasn't got the time.he s telling me everytime if I use the bath that I should not look in the mirror while i am having a bath because I make it dirty and then I alays forgot to clean it(witch is to true but he s obsessed)! If I wash the dishes he sometimes checks them and wash them after,he s yelling if I break something that is his house! If we go out to eat he s telling me that he pay for my food.I am stressed out I don't know wath to do.most of u will think is nothing but I try so hard to please him cook clean,I clean his parents house before they are coming,cleaning excessively because I know he checks everything ,and I cook so when he comes back from work to have worm food.but once he comes in he has a sad,angry face and insted of coming to give me a hug or a kiss he sees the fridge door opened and he start yelling,or the ventilation open in the bathroom!(and he has that face I hate : u left the ventilation opened u gonna brake it ,and it consume electricity ) is nit like I left it in purpose .it is jus happening somethimes( I am a bit dizzy forget things ) but what it cost him to give me a nice answer ,on a diffrent tone!??? Why?? I hate him .I want my freedom back! .and he still find something to complain about.I want to live him I have no one him,,no family or friends.no one to talk to .this is not in my mind? No?...as he always make me crazy saing that is in my mind ,that he doesn t mean it in that way.I amnot English so he always saing that I don't understand properly! Thank you all for reading this.I felt the need to share a little bit about my story!x
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Is the thirt day when I haven't eaten consistent food! Because of my pride ! But now is to much I am shaking and I feel dizzy .but this men doesn't care at all.I am tired of explaining him how hard it is for me everytime he comes back from work instead of giving me that look every man should feel when they get home.(he which is a temple,a clean and worm house with a wife happy to see u) . No! This man first thing he does is to complain about something !and if I talk to him is saying is all in my mind.with pity !: o poor u is all in ur mind,ooo u need a doctor.o poor girl !!! Come let's go to bed.come on drop it now ! Is late and I want to sleep! Please someone tell me I am not crazy

God! This is too much I clean the hole house ,I had nothing to eat all day ,just some rice.I had enough of this and I just decided to pretend I am asleep when he comes bac from work so I don't have to see him or fight with him.so hi s back and guess what? After his shower he decide to Check on me.and he realize it was no sheet on the bed! And starts yelling that is discusting !the thing is that I didnt put a sheet on the bed so when his mum and dads come back to find them clean ,as I just wash them.please I can not do this anymore! I need help

do u get to speak to ur family? stay calm and think what is best for you for your future.
i was been advised by a member of this forum to set my goals and develop strategy to achieve them, i will say you the same things.
doing house work never harm but its the behaviour of family that matters most.

Thank you so much! I read the book the secret,and the power.2 great books which help us to achieve our goals!.It did helpt ,but I just forgot thinking of it..but I will start reading them again.u should read it ..for sure ur more determinate then me .u will manage to do it.thank you for ur advice.I really appreciate x take care

Sounds like he may have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). You can choose to live with him into the future, and probably be very unhappy. Or you can leave and start again!
If you don't act now, time will fly and you will regret not moving on to find others who may appreciate you.
You don't mention anything of your education. If you have some qualifications, they can help with your own independence, and also meetings others of similar interests.
Take care, be strong and be happy.

Thank you for ur answer .back in my country I Finnish marketing university.I have childminder degree level 3.and at the moment I am finishing my English course for literacy !

I was a very happy person before laughing dancing making jokes all the time.now i have dried skin,hair loss,I am skinny 47 kg.and 1.62 m .I was always 52 kg .I cry at everysingle thing.getting a job for me is not s problem ,I had a good job before.Is just that I can not work legally yet in this country!

cos he dosnt love u at all... he enjoys ******

I was always sure of his love for me! Because he cries like a baby girl when I tell him I wanna go! And I am not joking! My husband cries like a woman ..with sound and big tears !