Wish I Never Met Him

I'm been with my husband for 9 years only married a year! I don't think we'll make it to 2. I hate him! He's "talked" to other girls. Is a alcoholic but refused to admit it, pot head, never can keep a promise. I'm done, wish I never met him. 9 years ago I was happy and healthy. Now I can hardly look in the mirror I don't even know myself. Problem is money, he makes most of it. Can I divorce him but force him to help pay for my living expenses such as school, rent? But about the car that's in both are names can I get it out of my name? I don't think I like him much less love him. I've had 2 miscarriages and I can't help but think its him, we must not be meant to be. Any advice would help. The marriage is over.
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I truly understand. Don't be to hard on yourself. Yes, it would be better for you to move on. Say no to pain. Leave...in time... meaning when you are mentally and financially able. My husband is a jerk to the umpth degree!!! Lies and breaks his work at will. Accuses me everyday of cheating. I'm a student also, but I'd rather mow my lawn and eat the grass, before I allow him to continue to disgrace me. Funny twist, I'm helping him right now recuperate from near heart failure. Go figure!

Best reply to such a man is giving him a baby whom he thinks is his but in reality it is ntt his , find a look alike of him go for a one night stand

I dont think he will have to pay for any of your expenses. But why would you want him to. forget him . Do it on your own. you dont need him. as for the car i would think if you guys can come to an agreement whoever wants to pay for it can keep it and if you cant come to an agreement then sell it and split the money. I hope this help. Good Luck!

Why would he pay for your living expenses if he's not married to you anymore?