...& Things Are Crappy Again

Tonight my cousin came to visit & we cooked dinner together. My husband comes in & is noticeably pissed. He speaks to us & goes in the bedroom and watches tv. He didn't even eat dinner that we cooked. He isolated himself & made my cousin feel so uncomfortable that she left an hour later. I asked him what was wrong then he blew up & said I was annoying him by asking him what was wrong & insisted that nothing was wrong. He said I was being extra by badgering him about what was wrong when there was nothing wrong. Then he became enraged & started yelling & cursing at me bcus I refused to let it go. I told him that his standoffish behavior was inappropriated & it makes people think that our marriage is not so good. He said so what & that that's my problem I care too much about what other people think. Then when I tried to explain he got up & left before I could finish saying he was done with the conversation. Just 3 wks ago I told him I was going to leave him & I gave him the silent treatment for 5 days & he begged me not to leave & he promised me he was going to show me that he was going to do better...and now were back at square one. Another crappy day again. I hate being married to my husband at times. He makes me sick to my stomach & I just want to leave him. I can't take his constant moodswings. I can't keep doing this...
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Well if you threatened to leave him, and gave him the silent treatment, then your marriage is not so good. I'm not implying that it is your fault, but clearly neither of you are happy. I can't give any good advice without some insight on the problems you've had with him previous to your cousins visit.

What makes him trigger has he had past issues with family,served in war, something is making that behaviour alcohol or drugs lots of questions yet need attention good luck