A Beligerant ***

My husband can just say the cruelest things lack any intelligence or logic. I can understand he is tired and hurting when he gets home but does he have to be such a *****?

Sometimes I. Feel like the guy who wrote the story, "Praying for the end of time about his bitchy wife."
Except mine would be titled "Praying for the end of HIS time!"

Why nasty ******* and bastards attracted nicer partners and the poor decent people get stuck with them.
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I was venting at the time he has been ok lately its just he can get so unwound at times.

oh yea i read that story praying...

Opposites attract.

Boy don't they!!! I couldn't think of two more opposite people who hold different interest etc......then HE n I.......
I was going to write u a note how have u been what's up?

My wife and I are polar opposites also but share a lot of common interests which is what basically holds us together. If you don't share too many common interests or beliefs with your husband AND he is abusive then you really have to rethink the marriage.

We do have some interest. The probem is he hurts from pain in his feet and hip etc. HE has to take certain meds for it. There is not an addiction issue it's just he needs them when he does. This can crank out a persons mood.
HE isn't always that bad he can have some humor its just sometimes the character can go hot n cold.

Sounds like you're just having some rough patches.

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