I Hate Him But I Love Him...

I hate him he annoys me, he discusses me, he puts me down , doesnt help me ... i can go on and on.... But i still Love him or care for him?
I am 25, we have been married for almost 7 years and we have a 5 year old son. I want out but when it really comes down to it i cry and wana stay. We argue everyday! he just recently lost his job about 1 month ago. He hangs out at his moms house everyday all day till i get off work. We had to move to tijuana for me to be able to afford to pay all the bills i cross the border every day to go to work . i know alot of our fustration is because we are fianancially screwed and always broke!

Supposably when we come back to live in the states we are going our seperate ways...i just really stay because i dont want it to affect my son. and it kills me to know that my husband will go on with his life and meet someone else, i dont want another women in my sons life... he is my everything... So do i just suck it up for my son to be happy? and put up with his lazy ***!!!!
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If you remain in the United States there is a better chance your son will stay with you.

i agree, i cant wait to move back to the US!!!!

What were things like before he lost his job? What kind of work did he do?

we still struggled. and this move to tijuana was suppose to help us catch us o n bills and have extra $ ... but then now he has no job! but he has been a cold hearted person towards me for a good while now....he worked in a warehouse as a delivery driver then changed jobs to construction like work.