I Can Never Do Anything Right

So I've been married since 2008 and this last year of marriage has me at my breaking point. There is not one single day that goes by, we're we haven't gotten in an argument. The funny thing is, this last year we have had a lot of good things happen in our marriage. 1.) we had our 1st baby, 2.) are finances are in a better place, 3.) my husband has become closer with my family...unfortunately that really doesn't mean anything because I ready to call it quites. I'm just so tired of everything being my fault, I mean when r son was first born he literally would stand over my shoulder and critic how I applied baby lotion to my son however, he has never once lifted his had to help me with my son. Today I woke up with my son took care of him all day, changed all his diapers and I asked him to change one diaper and we fought about it for about an hour. But what really sucks is that, that's my life almost everyday...heaven forbid I ask to do something. I try to go to the gym and even be 4 I finish he texting "when r u gonna be home"...I can never just have a peaceful day. The funnier part is that is just the tip of the iceberg...he's always gone hunting almost every weekend and he is so disrespectful to me in front of our son and I just worry that my son is gonna inherit the same traits.
Jhayco01 Jhayco01
Jan 5, 2013