Cannot Stand The Loser

Arrghhh!! I can't stand the idiot I married. I can't believe I even married him in the first place. I need to get out of this mess. He hasn't ever wanted to have a normal conversation because he always portrays himself to be a victim. His mother treats him like he's 5 years old and has contributed to the demise of our marriage. I need to get out! Help!
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5 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Maybe you should give him a bottle put him in diapers and then leave him after posting the pics on facebook lol

I have a simular problem. I'm 6months pregnant and my boyfriend FINALLY got a ******* job. When we used to fight, it was about him not working. I'd say: babe we really do need the money" and then he'd blow up at me and tell me that I need to stop telling him what a peice of **** he is. Those words were never spoken, but oh when he'd yell, he'd make everyone think I was being a ***** to him. Another thing he does(we live with his mom and dad) when we fight, EVERYONE must know we are. He doesn't stop yelling until I'm sobbing and asking him to stop. But even then, he keeps going. Run! please get out of the situation

add me please thank you

sorry, I am deeply immersed in my mess. Yes, get out and get out fast. The victim type guy will NEVER change. He cares only about himself, not you and never will. He will lie as that is part of keeping up the self image of being a victim. All truth must be bent to his benefit. Beyond that, he doesn't even see you as a person. The fact his mommy hasn't been sidelined long ago, leads me to tell you this: RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! He will never give you or any woman an adult relationship because he is a pathetic mama's boy with no balls. Rough words but accurate.

I didn't marry the person Im with but he is the same, always the victim. He lied the entire relationship about anything and everything. Then he told me if I didn't believe the lie, he didn't want to be with me and to stop making problems for him. He decided to leave me but is too dishonest and self-serving to do it openly. He secretly planned to return engagement rings, asked his friends for a place to rent and told me he doesn't care about how I feel or think. Pretty clear, right? But then he says "I still love you, I still want to be with you." And tries to lie some more telling me "I didn't really ask for an apartment, I just had to say that " then "oh, I did ask but I didn't look at any" and "I decided to return the rings because I needed the money to pay bills". Or he tries to draw me into a conversation by telling me how he is depressed and needs to talk. Why pretend he is still interested when it is all out in the open he wants to leave? Because he is a sick person who wants to torment me. He has a game he plays where the truth is openly known but he pretends it is not reality, he gets off to it. And he wants to get used to the idea of not having female attention. He even seemed surprised we would have no contact after he is out of here. He wants me to be available for when he is feeling bad until he finds someone else! As if I am going to feed his ego for the week or two it takes before he gets another female in his life. Now I have to live under the same roof with this person for at least another week. I cant sleep. I cant believe I thought I ever loved this person. I cant believe I ever thought he had even the smallest feelings for me. He is a cruel and heartless person that wants to lie and play games until the last minute. The only upside is he loves watching tv like a 60 year old pot bellied guy so that should keep him occupied. I dream of the day I find a kind man who actually does love me. Keep hope alive, right?