Controlling Pr*ck

I hate him with passion... I cannot explain it ggrrrr!!!! just makes me urgh!

He wants me to do everything he says, he wants to organize family plans with his mommy and just let me know what we're doing and have me tag along like a dog!

He is jealous of our children. He can't stand the attention that the children demand and need from me; which is not my fault, cause I wouldn't be forced to give them so much attention if daddy dearest didn't neglect them all the time.

Every time we fight he takes away something he gave to me (for birthday, anniversary, etc) as if I was his daughter and he was punishing me by taking back gifts...WTF?

God, I hate him!
CinnamonCake CinnamonCake
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

God I know the feeling!! Makes ya feel sick!!! Hope you can move on with your life you deserve better!! Xxx

yeah, we're currently separated, trying to work our differences on individual therapy, but his drug addiction and love for his mommy are greater and stronger than me and the kids... sucks a**