Won't Share My Baby

My husband is an absolute @ssh***. I should have picked up on the red flags before we got married, like my family and friends all suggested, but I didn't. After nearly 3 years, a verbally abusive pregnancy that he spent trying to hide the fact he was drunk and high on Rx meds and multiple consultations with divorce lawyers, I am certain that he would fight for 50% custody of my beautiful baby daughter on spite, and he would get it bc of the ridiculous laws in NJ! He argues with me and belittles me over the most nonsensical, insignificant things (e.g., why would I make an appointment for a haircut or with my therapist on a week night when he might have to put our daughter to bed). I am lucky to make a very good living (more than he does) but the thought of sacrificing time with my daughter is more than I can emotionally bear. So, I stay with this man who I hate and pray to God that my perfect, sweet angel baby doesn't think this is what love is.
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Jan 10, 2013