U Are A Pig!

While you comfortablely doze on the couch downstairs I put my little angels to bed.secretly hopeing you never wake up lol!! After 8yrs of abuse from you I wish you fell off d face of the earth!!! Selfish,controlling,manipulative *****!!!! You have left more scars physical and mental than I care to acknowledge but by god ur day will come!!!! When I do eventually get d balls up to get rid of you it will be a happy day!! Hope you enjoy what little time you have left under my roof you sack of ****!!!
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Agree with Lain789.
hun, you so can kick him out... i kicked mine out last week, now he is trying t shape up and trying to fix our differences.
kick him out and make him see what he's gonna lose if he continues to be an a'hole.
best of lucks! :)

Thank you for commenting! I wish I was strong enough to do it I know id be fine on my own with my little angels but I guess after years of manipulation u start to doubt your own strength, hate admitting that but it is true! Hopefully soon I will be able to do it and I will be thankful for people like you who actually understand what it is like!!! Thanks xx

i did 7 years with a fat useless waste of space...you are strong enough you can do it...and you will feel 100% better for taking the first step...do it..get that weight loss started....i do mean the dead weight pulling you down that you married!