I Hate Him

I feel like such a failure... But I've read many of the comments here, and thankfully, realize I'm not alone. I hate my husband. We've been married less than a year and things just keep getting worse. I pay ALL of the bills. He just got a "real job," but complains about working. Keep in mind that I'm still paying for everything, including my Xmas gifts from him (found out when I checked my CC statement). He is mean. Goes off for whatever reason and calls me every name in the book and constantly accuses me of cheating. He's also gotten physical with me in some of our bad fights, and I'm not proud to say, but I damn sure did defend myself. We have no communication between us... He can't talk about anything "real." I'm miserable. Drinking too much to drown it all. Is there hope? Or do I make the hard decision and bail??? I'm catholic and don't believe divorce is the first choice, but I'm at a loss. Counseling only briefly helped
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

leave....he is using you as a free meal ticket and live in skivvy...dont be a doormat...leave now