An Excerpt From The Story, Married Fights, Found In Broken Hallelujah (available From Amazon)

All couples have their own private language of grievances. Like monuments erected to honor the past, this language is slowly constructed over time, mirroring the dips and chasms of the couple’s particular relationship. The building material of this emerging edifice can be read as a road map of wrongs, some reaching all the way back to “way back when” before the marriage vows were even uttered…a private intractable world of “he said/she said” where each part is just as right and just as wrong as his/her counterpart. Some complaints are as banal as the way the dishwasher is loaded, the laundry is folded, the children are dressed, while others are as egregious as the days elapsed between caring touches and kind words or the ways in which one person’s birth family has, once again, usurped the autonomy of their married child’s domain. The result being that, at least in many cases, married people talk to their spouses in a reproachful, unsympathetic way in which they would never talk to anyone else in their lives

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Jan 15, 2013