Life Shouldn't Be This Way....

So my husband and I have been married for six years. We have been together a total of 10 years. Over the years I have accepted his lazy ways! But within the last two years I have not accepted them and I take a stand. So it is very hard for me to come home and be happy to see him if he is here when he is not at work. I guess I am tired of the name calling, and the emotional, verbal, and mental abuse that I endure. I am trying to just leave and it's like he is so twisted he plays these sick games with me. I don't understand why, but I can honestly say that I hate him! And for sure that is no way to live not for me, him, not anyone. I am just so tired of this that it makes my blood boil hearing him speak. Because I can never forget what he had just said to me then night before or the day before. So I am definitely not happy anymore, at all. He does things to spite me and to purposely hurt me over and over. I definitely need out for sure. Everyday I am wondering what is going to trigger him to be angry or call me a name. I just cannot live that way any longer.
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I have been married for seven years and together for 10 years total. I have a step son and a daughter with him. I'm the only mother for my step son. I love him as my own. My husband is the same way. He name calls in front of the kids he screams at me and ******* all day long. He twist things and plays the sick games to. I am suffering from depresson and he uses my diabetes against me to say I'm incomatent. I'm 28 years old I'm a stay at home mom no money unless he is beig nice and leaves me $10 that day. I don't know what to do :(