So Friggin Frustrated!!

My husband must be one of the laziest selfish people I know. I am expected to do everything!!!! God forbid he lift a finger to do anything! I do all the household cooking and cleaning, as well as taking care of our son and dog! If he even attempted to help me do anything I think he would go up in flames.. Big deal if u get up at 5:30 for work! I get up at 4am to take care of, change and feed our son.. I'm out the door by 7am everyday bc I work 11 hour days and have to handle a majority of the financial burden as well.. Every day I struggle to pay the bills, and even function. I get through the day with high amounts of coffee! For once I would just appreciate my husband to pick up our son from daycare, or come home to some folded laundry or dishes put away. Is it so much to really ask for help?? I shouldn't have to ask because u are my husband!! Equality u lazy sob!!!!!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 16, 2013