I Live With And Insecure Insane Man

Over 7 years ago I was done in my marriage , my husband is a selfish *** who only cares about himself, I had him leave only to be harassed on a daily basis , my children were put in the car with him driving drunk also fights were started with me in front of them as no ones feelings mattered but his own..so I relented and he wormed his way back in..however it has been a loveless marriage the whole time with no relations what so ever..again im done..only for him to refuse to leave acting in such shock and disbelief as you would think we have had a picture perfect marriage..blames my job friends and anything else you can think of why the marriage went bad..again getting drunk in front of the kids starting fights , stalking and more...clearly he is unstable and believes a loveless marriage is better then being alone..so much that does not care that i am miserable I almost went to the hospital last month for acute depression..It matters not if I go or he goes he will make my life a living hell..I have no respect for this man who has none for me or the kids..I cant even stand to look at him..He refuses therapy...he believes I need it as I have friends he has not one..I dont want to live in a loveless marriage and be miserable the rest of my life. I cant even stand looking at this man and have never loathed anyone so much in my life!!!
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Sorry to hear what you are going through. I feel bad for u and especially the kids. Not a healthy environment to grow up in. This will affect their adult lives. You need to leave him quick for ur sake and the kids..

Leave! Move somewhere so that he can't find you.