My Husband Is A Selfish Jackass

I've been married 25 years to a selfish jackass. When we got married, I had worked for 5 years in a government office. Five years later, when I became pregnant, we decided I would quit that job and become a stay at home mom. For the last ten years I've been working minimum-wage part time jobs. I am currently working two part-time jobs because I just can't find a full-time office job. A year ago my husband retired and spends the day watching game shows and golfing four days a week. His pension is set up so that when he passes away, I will continue to receive it (I'm 16 years younger than him, by the way.) Today he tells me that he wants to change his pension plan so that he can get a larger monthly amount, but that the pension will end upon his death. Luckily, he can't make any changes! I gave up any opportunity for a career to chase his idea of a "perfect family," and he wants to throw away my future? He only has $25,000 in life insurance because "no one should get rich off of death." He owes me that pension for giving up my job and my future.

Also, a few months before our 25th anniversary, I asked if he wanted to do anything to celebrate. His answer was that we didn't have the money to do anything. A week later, his sister calls and wants to arrange a family reunion involving renting a beach house for a week, and he's all for it. I realize it's his natural family, but don't I count for anything? Since I was working two jobs that day, our anniversary passed without any sort of celebration at all. Two days later, he said we'll have to go out or something, but that's yet to happen. To be honest, I don't have any reason to celebrate. If I get a full-time job with benefits, I will probably divorce his selfish ***.

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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I know how you feel! Your hub should be more considerate and appreciate the sacrifices you made. I hate being a stay at hm mum! Looking forward to going bk to work next year after my son starts nursery schl!

Go for it! Go back to work and stay active in your career. My big mistake was not staying current with the advances in my field, so I was left behind. Then the economy went to hell and I was screwed. Good luck with your future!