I'm A Prisoner In My Own Life

I married a con artist. I married a controlling *******. I cannot go anywhere. I cannot even go to the gym. I am stalked by him and his friends constantly. I hate him and hate living like this. I tried to leave him before but he broke in my house and terrorized me and my kids. I hate him. He is a disgusting pwrvert who cheated on me numerous times. I hate him. My stomach hurts and wrenches every day I have to be around him. He gives my personal belongings away all the time without consenting me. He left me 2 times for other women. I tried to move on but he made my life a living hell. I hate him. I hate him. I wish he would go away and never come back. I hate him.
dittzell dittzell
46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Me too! I live in his parents house in the garage like a dog!

Leave him and go to another state if it is possible. I will pray for you!!!