I Live With A Con Artist Too!

I've been married 11 years and been with him for 16. When our daughter was one my husband had an affair which I knew about. It lasted about seven months. i wanted to leave but he begged and swore he made a mistake. i stayed with him but really never got over it. That was seven years ago. This passed summer i found out he did it again. in fact the women sent me a letter telling me everything. i left and stayed with my parents. he begged again and now we have a 5 year old and an 8 year old. i dont have a lot of money or friends my parents can not help me. i feel trapped! it has been 5 months since the letter and i feel like im in a deep depression. i drink a lot and cry all the time. i dont know what to do? i feel so bad for my kids! they adore my husband and so does everyone on the outside. if i leave i will lose everything . what should i do? please help someone...
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I'm right there with you, trapped and broke with no education or work skills and I'm 37 yrs old!

Your husband has definitely gone over the line a time too many and I bet many have advised you to leave and I don't blame you for wanting the same, but regardless of the circumstances, marriage is forever....so having said that, what can be done to restore the marriage. I won't kid you, marriage can be a real struggle and a ton of work. Bottom line is that your husband needs to get right with God because unless he truly loves God with all his heart, he cannot love you properly and will not be held in check for his behaviors. My suggestions to you are 1. Pray, pray, pray to Jesus for comfort, wisdom and strength 2. Read the Bible for encouragement and guidance 3. Consider the "tough love" approach from the book "I Don't Love You Anymore" by David Clarke 4. Listen to the marriage programs from the website http://rejoiceministries.org/
Good luck girl! God bless you :)

I am so sorry. I feel trapped too. My only advice is to save your money and leave.