Husband Financially Hurting Me

I thought I did things the right way. I didn't have sex or live with my husband until we got married. Then the day he moved in after our honeymoon, he moved no furniture...just boxes of old pictures (including a dead relative in a casket that he didn't know the name of). I found out I was pregnant (happened three weeks after getting married) and begged him to get a second job because I was in graduate school whereby you cannot work enough to pay your bills (my support while in school stopped when I got married). He was working about 25 hours per week. He did not have school. He did not have to pay for housing, because I had a house that was paid for that he moved in to. I didn't know that his roommate owned every piece of furniture in his old apartment. Fast forward 16 years later, he hasn't paid taxes for four years, has a credit score of 515, and we have four kids to care for. I have always worked full time. I put him through graduate school thinking he would then take care of me and the kids. As you can see, things are worse. He won't get counsel and fix things. He won't work with me or let me handle the finances. He is big on apologies, but never gets the problem addressed. What to do? I don't want my assets from work to have a lien put on them from his debts. Divorce would be wrong for the kids. Can anyone help?
Roxanne4 Roxanne4
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

You know what you need to do but are ignoring the right choices because its too hard- I know I am in a similar boat. I keep asking for advice in hopes that I will hear what I want to hear. So far everyone is telling me to run..

You have this one life to live-live it to the best of your ability!!!!!