He's So Ugly

2010 I met my hubby in a bar he chased me but I found him weird and ghastly unattractive. wait hold on!
he's a multimillionaire alot of things you can do with money.
Which was worse the wedding or the honeymoon hmm! Thats a close one. I think having to spend time with him was the worst so I go with the honeymoney while on the honeymoon I ran into a lot of hawt guyz!!! being the good little wife that I am nothing happened. A year later I decided that I wanted kids he did too! Kids with him no way jose! So I went to the gym to hire a trainer cos my hubby can afford it, and omg I met a ufc fighter swear to God. He had the whole six pack thing going on which is important cos I really need that for my kid. We started training first in the gym until my hubby got jealous so we begin to train in a room that my converted into a weight room. Thats where the sex thing started. We never had sex on our bed just everywhere else. My hubby has no idea, do you think he'd leave if I told him! Feeling a little bit guilty, however its so obvious that I don't want his kid. Advice needed.
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**** love, n **** that ugly muthafcuter 2. Get all his money n have sex with whoever u want.

Hey chessy can you tell me how this ended up? I'm interested. Hope it went okay.

I don't blame you. It's his fault he didn't care enough to make sure the girl or any girl was really in interested in or in love with him. He probably married her to brag about and show off because he's the worst and the most shallowest one! He's the ugly *****.

I don't blame you at all. It is actually his fault for not caring enough to make sure that the girl was really interested in him as if he truly cared or was in love with him. The only reason he probably married you is to show you off for bragging rights. Which is exactly what men have been doing for centuries the world over. He may even trade you in for a younger model in maybe ten years or sooner. So don't ever feel bad about that douche, just get yourself happy. He's the actual worst of all and the most shallowest of all. Believe me, he knows your with him for his money and he really doesn't give a crap. But if you tell him,he will use it as a tool against you!

Yikes! Does anyone care about true love... Passion... Honesty... Apparently not. How can life be worth living if the person you're married to means so little to you. If you go get pregnant by someone else to have a pretty baby then you are hurting two men not to mention the child. What happens down the road when that child needs surgery or has a life threatening illness that requires blood, bone marrow or maybe even a kidney. Bam you are busted! Now your child has no trust or respect for you. Your husband won't have anything to do with you or your child. Now you are all alone in the world and so is your child. Not to mention broke. I feel sorry for you. You better be good to that man and repent for your sins because you are going to need his money. How else will you ever get anyone to be your friend??? You are ugly not him.

chessy sorry about this sweepthe alien chick i didnt expect to meet you know "people" like her here

lifes short and some men are meant to be used theyre good for nothing else if you werent around he'd be alone or getting milked by someone else so let it be you

This has to be one of the most retarded things I've ever heard. But I suppose that some men are meant to make retarded statements.

it says in your profile your virgin at 24 and youre sensible and rational plus you have lots of attention seeking things so your opinion doesnt really matter to me since you dont have any experience to back it up

I'm 23. Not 24. Guess you can't read. I don't have any attention-seeking notions: that's your idiotic judgment. And to say that some men are meant to be used is morally wrong. Jerks/idiots like YOU should because you probably deserve it. Not men. They're honorable. And if my opinion doesn't matter, why are you going onto my profile? I don't matter right?! Move along then and stop commenting. :D Oh right. You're a hypocrite with low grammar skills as well as irrational. So everything you've said is probably a lie. :]

Lol! What a ******* idiot? None of my posts were judging. Only the small-minded disgusting pissant (you) thought that. They were all very cordial until I came across your arrogant ***.

You're calling me ugly without even seeing me? And THAT'S supposed to hurt me? It just shows how illogical you are....lol. I could say the same for you, sick ****. :)

Everything I've said was rational. You're the one acting like a child. Good luck with your life, low-life. And you're going to have to block me to keep me from responding to your idiocy.

I don't suffer idiots: I make them suffer. :)

post a pic of yourself then. reported for abusive btw

Reported again

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Look. I don't agree with marrying a guy for money or for looks. I find that to be shallow and immoral.

But of course he'd leave you if he knew. You wouldn't want someone to use you like that, would you?

Of course they do. I'm telling you the same as well as go back to Grammar school. You're embarrassing. :]

i can literally feel my testosterone levels dropping just from talking to you. youre everything thats wrong with "feminists" today and any man who marries you is going to be very sad. stop replying to me now pls i dont like you byebye.

btw i have an undergraduate degree in linguistics and IRL, noone gives a **** about grammar. just ******* who like to judge people so they can feel better, aka you.


And another assuming arrogant idiot.

1) I'm not a Feminist.

2) Any woman within her right mind would stay away from a beta sleaze like you. Encouraging someone to cheat and use another just shows that you should be used.

3) Well that degree was a waste of money because you just come off as illiterate.

4) Again with the hypocrisy. The idiot who judged and won't admit it. Loser. :)

pedantic. thats you.

Your name is VainGoddess. edgey. haha aaaaahh

stupid ***** doesnt understand the context of her existance

its not even evil anyway hes lucky he gets somthing hot to come home to i mean hes a loser if she wasnt around he'd be alone anyway

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I take it that you're a total superficial Wh*re, and a huge B*tch. I hope he leaves you high and dry without a trace of money. If I knew you personally, i'd have told the whole thing to him. No one deserves to be married to a b*tch like you.

Sure you would!

That's so rude to say.

think about it tho. why do you even care? who are you actually defending?

you're only upset because you expect people to behave as you would, but if you just gave up that 1 expectation you'd see things clearer

pride is a lie manufactured by the selfish focus of our premature western society

don't believe the lies

Wow the comments here are pretty harsh
I mean come on guys
He used his money to get her
Guys like that **** me off
Ok beautiful lady I say do what you need to do to be happy
Don't listen to the peanut gallery

She didn't say that he used his money to get her. It sounded as if he told her he had money and she pretended to be interested.

If he used his money to get her, that's different and he obviously got what he deserved.

stop judging people and go get a life alien u annoyance

If you were able to actually read and comprehend what you were reading, you would have recognized that my comment on this post was NOT judging. But,of course, an arrogant ***** like you had a judgmental comment and you can't see it. Hypocritical. :)

oh you changed your name.

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You owe it to your husband to either be faithful to him or tell me the state of play, either way be honesty, I guess it all started wrong for you, you like his money but you don't like him, I will urge you to think carefully about what you are trying to do, how in the world do you propose this will play out, you want to get pregnant for another man and pretend like it your husband's baby and use his money to bring the child up without telling him. That is wrong on all levels, you can not eat your cake and still have it. Do the right thing tell him.

i guess thats what happens when you marry for money and not love

What the **** did i just read? I'm sorry but you are only 18-21 and you are the most shallow person i've ever seen. Someone who still writes "hawt" or "guyz" shouldn't even be considering kids.

so where is yours?

Where's my what?

I can see the reality in this story since I am with clients amongst strippers 1-2 times a month. I could testify that I have witnessed 50 year old married entrepreneurs proposing matrimony to a 19 year old ******** that they had just met. Now contracts are signed and dated, where in the board room where clients are skeptical and vacillating unsure if the ice is hard or soft. My trysts, liaisons, girl friends were either married or with a significant other. Why? Because happy women are very difficult to seduce while the best are taken by the alpha earning male