More Yelling

I've been at home all day, working & cleaning. When my husband came home, he immediately got frustrated because his computer wouldn't start up fast enough. So- instead of getting upset at the computer, he cussed at me and called me "worthless" and told me I didn't have my priorities straight because I watch tv all day long! WTF? I did HOUSEWORK- that his loser, jobless a$$ refuses to do, in addition to my homework for my grad program, in addition to stuff for my real job. He screamed at me because the dishes were dirty (I had just pulled out a load from the dishwasher, so I don't know what he was talking about). He screamed at me so much that I have one dog cowering in the corner of my room and another tunneled under my bed, both trying to hide from him. I can't lock my bedroom door to keep him out because he'll tear it down if he wants to come in and yell at me more.

I am SOOOO tired of this. I wish to God he would GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!
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Mine is emotionally and physically abusive and of course everything that ever goes wrong in the world or anything that makes him mad is my fault. Ian actually just now recovering from his latest outburst three weeks ago where he grabbed me by the neck so hard shoving me around and trying to push my face into the dash that I could barely function. I couldn't hardly drive my car cuz just accelerating hurt every muscle I had in my neck and upper back. I had to lie and tell everyone a stupid story on how I got injured. I know there is no way he would ever let me leave. Thank god he has a job that is far away and is gone half the time, I think it's one of the reasons I seem to be able to handle things. And of course it's my fault and I'm an idiotic and completely trapped:(

I know how you feel, my bedroom door is broke in half. Every time he has to deal with some sort of stress his anger is directed at me. Do you ever find yourself wishing he would cheat so maybe he would end up being some other woman's problem? Let her support his lazy non working non contributing ***. Just plan ahead so you can escape, remember it takes more than one move to win a game of chess.

My husband takes everything out on me to. They are both *****.

...and it is getting worse. I have been working on my homework. He bursts into my room, demanding some information he & I both got via email. I told him that, and he ordered me to find it and forward it to him. When I told him to stay put while I find it, he started the barrage of screaming again, saying he was "too busy" to stand around. So, it's okay for him to demand that I drop everything and do things for him- even when I have things to do? If I had done that to him, he would have thrown something at me. By the way, I was also ordered to give up one night a week to help him do bs work- instead of doing my homework, cleaning the house he refuses to clean, doing my job...