How Much Can One Peron Take?

My husband and I separated for 5 years.....after a four year failed relationship I decided to try again to bring our family together for our children. Not realizing he had become a cocaine addict and serial liar while we were part, only after we were back together for two months. For the children's sake I tried to work thru it only on be faced with infidelity when he came home with herpes. He tried to stop me from spending time with friends and family by cornering and bulling physically. We had gone a trip to Cuba; a chance to 'fix' things between us. It was horrible! He wanted to 'f' the bartender.....then after returning to the hotel room he beat the crap out of me two nights in a row.....his explanation was he 'black out'????? Whatever! I had to act normal because we were with two other couples. I am a professional woman who makes a good living, I am attractive and a size three....I run ten km three times a week...I come from a good family and have many friends... I love my children and for this I have tried to make this work.... I am finally leaving this loser who thinks he is awesome just because he loves me, does he not realize that many other men would love me as much if not more and treat me better. I am worth more than this loser! I hate him only because he has made me hate him. I am a ***** only with him....I am taking my life back....I will be happy again without him! Bye bye more hating my husband.....just hating my ex.....ha ha ha ha!
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Jan 23, 2013