Most Annoying Husband

My husband is beloved by all his family and friends, but he annoys the **** out of me. Compared to many of the stories on this site, my husband may sound tame by comparison, but there is a level of mental irritation that is so hard to live with. He constantly does stupid things (filling up the washer with clothes after it's totally filled with water so it overflows? Brilliant, idiot!), asking stupid questions ("Have you showered yet?" as I sit there with soaking wet hair in my bathrobe), to completely neglecting stuff he says he'll do (he's been planning to clean out the office for the last 10 years. Seriously.) Not to mention he snores like a runaway freight train, so I have to sleep in our guest room, instead of my comfy bed.

And the topper? When we go visit his parents, suddenly, I'm the idiot! He treats me as if I'm a special needs child in front of his family, or worse, with total contempt. I dread going to his family's homes for any occasion.

If I didn't have wonderful daughter who would miss her daddy, I'd leave this freakin' loser in a heartbeat. I'm luckier than most. I do have an exit strategy and a place to go, if things get bad. Oh, and counseling? Yeah, we tried that. It turned into all-about-him counseling. I stopped attending, on the advice OF THE COUNSELOR! 'Nuff said.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Maybe he will jump off a cliff for you

I could've written this, i'm in a similar situation. The biggest regret in my life is getting married. I think back to my wedding day and all I can think about is I should've gone out that side exit.