The Worst Kind Of Liar

I recently filed for divorce because I decided long ago that this marriage wasn't something I wanted to be a part of anymore. My husband is a liar, cheater, and in general mean person. Knowing all that and living with a man who is obsessed with money and image was enough to make me want to leave. Two years ago I started having an affair with a wonderful man who makes me happy so there is a wonderful life to be had after this marriage which has already began.

All that being said I should say that recently he seems to have accepted that I want out and want a divorce. He even started dating another woman. Tonight however I figured out that this other woman isn't the person he lied and claimed she was. He was calling her by one name but I had a suspicion whom she might actually be by the fact that her brother had the same name as one of his ex's brothers however that could have been coincidence. But tonight the idiot asks me to help him with a issue he was having with his cell phone and didn't feel like handling himself and there in black and white is this girls real name and next to the name it said "Love of my life"

In most cases I would not of cared whom he was dating because I have a great man in my life now that loves me and treats me really good but this ******* whom I married is now dating his ex whom curiously looks a lot like me. I know because I have seen pics of her and heard plenty about how similar we are in the past. Problem is that back when he was dating her they were forced to break up by her family because they didn't like him and they were supporting her financially. Now years later I guess she can make more of her own decisions and of course thanks to me he has climbed the career latter and gotten all the money and status he always wanted and can now afford to charm her family with expensive gifts, trips, dinners out ect... And of course if all else failed they could tell her family to **** off because now he can afford to support her full time should they want that.

My point in being upset here is that if she was what he wanted all along then basically he should never of been with me, much less married me. I might of had an affair (after years of being treated like crap) but he has been lying to me from the start. (He also has had many affairs but apparently according to him mine was somehow worse because I fell in love with this other man and he only just had sex with those *******) In any case, I think you have to be the lowest of the low to marry and be with someone and be lying to them from day one and even before that. If she was what he wanted then he should have done whatever he had to way back when to prove himself to her family and be with her or stay single. You don't go and marry someone else who also looks very similar and be flat out cheating in lying from the beginning. And waste years of their life. He has stolen these years from me and I will never get them back.

The best part now that I figured it out and let him know that I am a lot of things but I am not stupid he wants to treat me like crap all the time and stick his nose in the air like hes somehow better than me when the opposite is true. He can lie to himself but he sure isn't gonna lie to me anymore. Truthfully, if he didn't know that he was wrong and something was off he wouldn't have referred to her by a fake name and hidden who this girl he started dating really was. Nobody hides something if they think they are right and have nothing to be ashamed of. I personally don't wish them well at all and I don't hope for good things for them. But I know I am going to be happy and I am gonna let that old phrase "what goes around, comes around" do its thing. I think to say I hate him is fair but now incorrect because now I have nothing but disdain for him. Hate begins with sadness and hurt and there was plenty of that before this info came to light, but then that sadness and hurt turns into resentment and regret when things do not improve, and eventually that turns into hate when you know that they are just the kind of person who is selfish and mean. But past hatred lies disdain. The dictionary says disdain is to despise and look upon as unworthy of notice or response. And that is how I feel. He is no longer worth of my notice and no longer does his betrayal deserve any more of my tears. There is better to be had and lived out there and I will have it.
Daddyskitten21 Daddyskitten21
41-45, F
Jan 23, 2013