Frustrated Newlywed Part: Iii

Well everyone I am back from my cruise. I went on my cruise with the intentions of not having any expectations. Overall the cruise was nice but it felt like I was on a cruise with a good friend and not my husband and lover. I tried to be jolly, and patient and everything thing else and then from Saturday to Monday nothing remotely romantic or intimate had taken place. Now Monday was a day at the sea for those who have never been on a cruise that is when you are cruising all day and night no stops till the next morning. So with that said there is “NO EXCUSE”. Needless to say I sat my husband down on Monday and told him that I wanted an annulment. I don’t even think that he was surprised by my request. He told me that “he didn’t want me to feel trapped or doomed” and that he wants me to be happy and if that is letting me go then he would do that. The whole 7 day cruise we were able to have sex 1 time from start to finish. He attempted another time and used the terminology that he was having a “malfunction”. I don’t know if anyone knows what it is like to be all hot and ready, mind you he woke me up and then BOOM nothing takes place it’s very frustrating and seems to be the story of my life. Even though I told him on Monday that I wanted an annulment we still had 5 more days left on the cruise and it wasn’t bad at all, we still shopped had fun and took pics but the connection was not there. I asked him was he attracted to me and he said Hell Yeah and that he wasn’t saying that because he had too. I’m no therapist but this is so hard for me to grasp and wrap my mind around. I never thought something so easy and simple could be so hard for a person. We had a conversation about why he hadn’t attempted and he said that he couldn’t take the pills spontaneously which I don’t know why we are on vacation we can do what the hell we want to do. Then his other excuse was I can’t take the pills if I’m drinking. So it’s a damn if you do and damn if you don’t type of scenario. And to be honest I really feel bad for him because I do love him and I think about his quality of life after me, will he ever get better? And will he be openly honest with the next woman.
Fast forward to getting home on Saturday, I went and checked the mail and all the Vm’s that we had. CVS called and I called them back. They told me that the insurance was not going to pay for his meds and that he needed to have the doc write up a form stating medically why he needs it, they also said that the insurance would only cover 6 pills every 34 days. I told that pharmacist that blue shield blue cross is really trying to **** my marriage up!!! 6 pills every 34 days WTF is that???. I get off the phone and I tell my husband and he was like Oh yeah they kept giving me the run around about how I need to have the doc do this form. He then said, they gave me enough samples for the trip though (but he didn’t use them like he could have). What really ****** me off is that HE KNEW THIS INFORMATION BEFORE THE TRIP AND DIDN’T SHARE IT WITH ME. It’s been 4mos and 18 days that I have been dealing with this issue and trying to be supportive, patient, but this is not the life I had in mind and I think it is best that we cut our losses NOW! I have made huge sacrifices I live across the country from my home, I have uprooted myself and my 8 yr old son from our home and now I am in a new state left empty as far as not having a husband anymore. But no freakin pity party over here I have to be strong for myself and my son. What hurts the most is what do I tell my son? He has no idea the turmoil that has been going on and in his world everything is great!! That right there really hurts my heart!!!!
I have called around to attorneys this morning and scheduled some appointments, I am really hoping that I can get an annulment but if not then divorce it is. Your thoughts appreciated 
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I am so sorry.